Art of the Southwest

​Red View Gallery

Gallery Artists

Bethany Thomas Trzaskos paints images from favored Southwest themes in fauvist style. Her use of color is both dramatic and alluring.

Growing up in Connecticut her affinity for the Southwest was born when her parents hung an Amado M. Peña Jr. poster in their home. This early introduction to Mr. Pena’s work came full circle when she later served as Mr. Pena’s assistant for a year, both managing his Gallery @ Estrella Del Norte and traveling with him on the road.

Arizona artist Nancy Christy-Moore, an internationally recognized, award winning painter brings the joy of color, energy and movement to her abstract mixed watermedia work.

Education at Columbia College, Columbia, Missouri, the American Academy of Art in Chicago, and Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles led her into teaching and exhibiting her work for the past thirty-plus years.

Amado M. Peña, Jr.

Marla Jo Tretta-Zachary

Marla Jo Tretta-Zachary, hails from Southern California and relocated to Mesa Arizona in 1992. Finding success as a muralist and illustrator Marla soon found herself accepting commissions from a growing number of fans. Experiencing success as a student, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University she embraced education as a career teaching both in the Gilbert, Arizona School District and teaching adult art classes.

Introduced to art by her grandmother who trained under Georgia O'Keeffe, Marla Jo credits her family with inspiring her to develop her skills in the arts. 

Nancy Cohen

Brian Philpott

Roberto Ugalde

Nancy Christy-Moore

Brian Philpott, is a Scottsdale, Arizona based artist who possesses the unique ability to capture the forces at play in our times. Coupling vibrant color with power subject matter, Philpott doesn't just create statement pieces; he creates conversation pieces.

Nancy Cohen, a Sedona resident creates unique glass mosaics that reflect the beauty and spirit of this beautiful land. Her pieces serve as the perfect compliment to the finely decorated home. 

Amado M. Peña, Jr, is recognized as an Artisan of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe of Arizona. His art celebrates the strength of a people who meet the harsh realities of life in an uncompromising land and his work is a tribute to the Native Americans who survive by living in harmony with an adversarial, untamed environment.

His artwork is inspired by places such as Canyon de Chelly, Spider Rock, Monument Valley, Enchanted Mesa, Acoma and Black Mesa.  These sites are part of an enduring landscape that speaks of the ancient heritage of a region that is now known as Arizona and New Mexico.

Bethany Thomas Trzaskos

Roberto Ugalde, was born in Querataro, Mexico. As a young boy, Roberto often got in trouble at school for focusing more on his drawing than on his school work. His passion for art never wained though and it led to his acceptance into the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, INBA, in Queretaro City.

Ugalde's work with oils creates beautifully textured and rich landscapes. His brilliant use of color and effortless command of light adds depth and energy into each piece he creates.